Important emergency numbers to remember in Germany

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112 & 110

These are the two emergency numbers you need to remember always. Just like many European countries, dial in 112 if you want to connect to the Fire Brigade and Ambulance services.

Remember, 112 is the Single European union emergency number. You can dial this number anywhere within the European Union if you are in a medical emergency and need an ambulance or fire brigade.

Polizei (Police) in Germany

Police in Germany will help you with many services.

Enforcement of law being their main objective, they also protect the German border, investigation on cases, and a number of other services too.

You can always reach out to police on 110 while in Germany unless it is not an emergency.


  • Dial the number and wait until an operator picks up the call. Usually the call will be answered within 3–5 rings
  • Explain the incident
  • You need to tell them your location and how they can reach you
  • If possible, keep your phone not busy after ending the call, as they might have to call you back.

Bonus; set up the emergency number on your phone. Therefore, if you are not in a position to dial the number, you can press the power button rapidly 5 times and a call will be placed to the emergency number.



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